Let Google Into WordPress

August 28, 2013

Many people using WordPress to build themselves a website these days use an automated installer system provided by their server company. These are handy tools but I have 2 problems with them:

1. The version of WordPress is rarely the most up to date

2. There is what seems a throwaway question that is actually very important in the installation process

It’s the second point I want to refer to here. When installing WordPress there is a question that asks whether you want to allow search engines (Google, Technorati) etc to access your blog. Many internet users trained to say NO to any privacy questions (Do you want to sign-up for our newsletter? Can we give your email address to anyone we please?) will automatically say no to this question too.

Those budding site builders then go on to create a fine site and great content but they’re just not getting anywhere in Google. There’s a reason. Saying no to the installation question about search engines inserts a Noindex, Nofollow tag into the website source code. This means that no matter how hard you try to get into Google it’s just not going to index you.

Thankfully though there’s a quick fix. If you go to the Settings > Privacy section of your blog admin menu you can find the setting in there and give access to the spiders who really want to index your site. Then, providing you’ve got a few links pointing at your site, the spiders should be around to visit soon and your listings should appear shortly after that.

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Kevin Lam August 28, 2013 at 5:46 pm

That’s why I prefer to do it manually. I just upload the latest WP files and install it in about 2 minutes. It just becomes easier the more you do it. Then again, my server host doesn’t have the software to install WP automatically anyway.

Bill Wynne January 26, 2014 at 3:09 am

I do it manually as well even though some hosting companies have it automated for you now. When they ask you if you want it to be kept out of Google and other search engines the first time I installed Wordpress I wondered why you would not want it indexed. I got nothing to hide and I would be happy for everyone in the world to visit my site (:


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