Sussex Kennels Opens

July 13, 2014


This week I launched a website for a new Sussex Kennels that has just opened outside London. The owner, Shena has years of experience in working with dogs and is sure to make the kennels a great success.

The site brief was for a simple but professional site to get information across to customers and should include an availability calendar. The site should also be easily updateable. For this reason I chose WordPress as the framework for the site and put together an appropriate theme and layout. WordPress is particularly suitable for sites such as this as it’s easy for clients to learn how to update and even add new sections such as a blog, or more plugins e.g. a gallery.

Also required was a new logo for the business which I designed. You can see it proudly paraded on Shena’s car and T-shirt above. It never fails to give me a buzz when I see something I designed driving round town on a client’s car.

Good luck to Shena & Conalter Kennels with the new business.

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