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Cheap and Free Photos For Your Website

This isn’t exactly news, but there are lots of people still struggling to illustrate their website because they don’t know where to get good photos at free or knock-down prices. There are loads of options out there but here’s the way I do it.

First I go to www.flickr.com and do a search for a photo with the exact subject I’m looking for. Once the search returns it’s answers I then click on advanced search and select the check box for “” and check the commercial use box.

If this doesn’t do it then you sometimes need to be creative in searching round your specific subject to find a photo that illustrates a point that you make on your page.

Once you have the right photo, you need to save it then use it on the page you wish. You normally also have to give a photo credit to the original photographer. I provide this with a “photo credit” link to the original flickr page that the photo came from. I usually put this at the end of the article. Some photographers ask that you let them know where you’ve used their photos too. If that’s the case, drop them an email and let them know.

When I can’t find the right photo on flickr, then I go to the paid option – www.istockphoto.com. When I say paid, it really is on the cheap side. Around £0.80 gets you use of a photo at sizes you would use to illustrate a web page. You do have to buy a set of credits though (10 I think). There are thousands of photos in there and the system is really easy to use. With istockphoto pictures, there is no backlink required though sometimes the photographers do ask that you let them know where you have used their images (probably out of vanity rather than anything else).

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