Want me to Digg it? Submit it yourself first!

October 3, 2012

Chicklets, bookmarklets, share this, Digg this buttons are everywhere. Inviting you to click and bookmark or share with the world. Sounds great. An easy way to build a list of articles you like and share them with everyone.

If you’re a blog owner, stick these buttons on your blog or site and it makes it look like your hip to the crowd, deep into the social networking thang! Your readers are gonna make everything you write go viral.

The problem is, of the 10 articles that I’ve clicked the “Digg this” button on this week, 9 of them have never been submitted to Digg yet. I click on one of these chicklets, expecting it to quickly come up and say that it’s been Dugg. But instead I get “Processing your submission”. Hang on, it’s not my submission. Oh wait a minute, they want me to choose a title, description and category for this article. It’s not even mine. Oh well, I’ll do the guy a favour and submit it for him. Here goes then:

Title: Stupid Haggis Wants Me To Digg His Stuff But Can’t Be Arsed To Digg It Himself
Description: Honestly, it’s a rubbish article. The guy can barely write, and he’s not funny. I don’t know why he’s even in my feed reader.
Category: Offbeat > Pets and Animals

Searching for duplicates…

Is it original?  (How should I know? A million people might have already written exactly the same crap, word for word) Yes, totally original I swear.

And so it goes. If I had the time to waste doing this, I would submit all these articles on other people’s behalf, making sure that the title was pure Digg gold and the description reeled people in by the thousand. Or maybe not.

Now, I better go check if I’ve submitted my own articles!

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