How Will Twitter Make $$$ ?

January 19, 2013

I’ve been wondering a lot recently how Twitter is going to be monetised when it eventually happens. Right now everyone’s really happy using it, and after the airliner in the Hudson being broken 1st on Twitter, people are saying this is Twitter’s tipping point and from now on it will be mainstream like Facebook and Myspace.

There must be a lot of people using Twitter now. 10′s of millions maybe. That must take a lot of resources. At some point soon the people paying for those resources must be thinking about bringing some money back in.

So how might they do it?

The most obvious way is to slap some advertising on there. This could be blanket advertising, it could be contextual advertising based on the content of the page or it could be targeted ads based on users likes and dislikes. While long-time twitterers might be put-off by this, most people are used to seeing ads on any free site. It could be an easy way to start making decent money from the site.

The second way I see Twitter being monetised could be through charging for premium services. Things like being able to have threaded discussions, categorisation of the people you follow and other highly desired features could be placed behind a subscription-only wall. The subscription service might also be a way to view twitter without ads. Free users get peppered with ads, while premium membersĀ  can have the relative tranquility of the service they knew before monetisation.

Does anyone else have any ideas on how twitter might be monetised? Please leave a comment.

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