SEO Tips for B&B’s

June 11, 2013

Nowadays every B&B seems to have a website. It’s essential in the travel and tourism industry. People shop online for their holiday accommodation and to ignore that is to ignore a large percentage of potential customers. Once the website is running though, what can a B&B do to start achieving more visitors from the web?

- Make sure your site contains the right keywords in the right places. If you run a B&B in London, make sure that B&B London is in the Title, in an H1 heading, and mentioned a few times in the content of your home page any other pages where it is appropriate.

- Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find other similar search terms that people use to find accommodation in London too. Incorporate those search terms into appropriate pages in your site, again putting them in the Title, H1 and body content positions.

- Signup to Google Webmaster Tools and create and submit a sitemap for your website. Register the same sitemap with Yahoo through Yahoo Site Explorer.

There are loads of other on-site SEO tips to get stuck into but those basics will at least help get your site found. In addition there are loads of off-site actions you can undertake to help boost your search rankings.

- Claim your listing on Google Local. Google Local results are showing up at the top of searches for loads of geographical searches. If I do a search for B&B London in Google the first 10 listings are those who have claimed their Google Local listing for their B&B.

- Make sure your B&B is listed on Trip Advisor and encourage all your visitors to leave a review there (perhaps by emailing them a day or two after they’ve gone home with a link to your tripadvisor page). The Trip Advisor reviews are being displayed with the Google Local results mentioned above so it would be worth pursuing even if Trip Advisor wasn’t already one of the biggest travel sites to get listed on.

- If you’re not bad at writing, you might consider running a blog on your B&B site. News of what’s happening in the B&B is bound to be of interest to your repeat visitors and may attract new ones. A blog is also an easy way to update a site regularly to keep search engine spiders coming to your site.

- Get into social media. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to connect with guests who’ve already stayed with you and possibly find new guests. A full run-down on social media networking is outside the remit of this article but I’ll try and follow up with some tips in a later article.

- Find some travel forums, join and take part. Put your website link in your profile and signature where allowed and then get active. Try and give useful information to as many people as you can and use the forum regularly. Aardvark Travel forums are a good place to get started with this.

Those are just a few hints to help a B&B get listed a bit better on Google. Obviously a full SEO strategy will go into more depth and address more areas than this but hopefully it will help a few people get started down the path to better rankings.

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