RSS Feeds For Static Websites

December 1, 2012

It can sometimes be a bitter pill for static website owners to take when they see competitors who run blog or CMS websites getting indexed in Google in minutes and new pages on their static site can take weeks to show up in the index. They’ve tried the Google Sitemap option but just can’t get new pages indexed quickly.

Here’s another option to try – get an RSS feed on your site. They’re not just for dynamic sites – an RSS feed can be used for any website to alert readers about updates and new pages. You can create one in a few minutes using Notepad. The simplest and easiest to follow method I’ve come across is Danny Sullivan’s article on creating an RSS feed. It’ll walk you through the process.

Once you’ve got your feed and uploaded it you’ll want to link to it from your homepage at the very least, and preferably from everywhere in your site. You’re now entitled to use the orange RSS logo that you see on blogs everywhere, so why not put one on your site.

Next, subscribe to your feed using Google reader, or your iGoogle homepage – I’m convinced that lets Google’s spiders know the feed is there and they perceive your site after that as good fodder for them.

The second really important place to submit your feed is Follow their instructions to ensure that you submit and claim your site properly.

After that you can choose to submit your site to any RSS directories. Some of them still have high pagerank and can really help your SEO efforts. Get started with this list.

Now that your RSS feed is in place and working for you, all you need to do is update your site often, and make sure you update the feed everytime you update the site. Pretty soon you could be one of the lucky ones who are getting new site updates indexed and displaying in Google in just a few minutes.

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