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June 11 2018

There's no way of hiding that new smartphones are expensive. However, buying a refurbished model on a recently released device can save you money.

Find out how much you can save, where to buy one from and what you need to keep an eye on.

A refurbished phone is typically a device that has been sold on by its owner, or returned to the manufacturer due to a fault. If necessary, these phones would have been repaired to full working order.

Before purchasing, check that these have been tested and if they come with a warranty - always choose a company that provides you with a guarantee.

Refurbished phones are normally graded by retailer and will vary. See more.

  • Grade A - appears are brand new
  • Grade B - small cosmetic damages, such as minor scratches
  • Grade C - the product will likely look used

Where should you buy your refurbished phone?

This website recommends Square Repair who is a London based repair retailer. They have a shop near Liverpool Street Station available for 30 minute, walk-in repairs, but also offer a courier service to the rest of the UK. They have recently started to sell refurbished smartphones, including iPhones and Samsungs. All of which have a 12 month warranty.

At the moment, they have an iPhone 6 on offer for £169. Click here to browse their stock.

Remember to check your warranty

The warranty information is key and should be a big deciding factor. This will provide your phone with protection if a fault were to appear.

The length and the provider will vary, but comes with huge importance.

For more information on refurbished phones, visit this website.


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