What Makes Your Site Worth Promoting?

September 17, 2012

Given that the main thrust of most SEO strategies is to get people linking to your website, have you asked yourself what your site has that makes it worth linking to?

There are ways to get links to sites that are not worth linking to but to be honest, most of those are links that are not worth pursuing. They tend to come from pages with zero pagerank or have nofollow applied and are basically links that Google will not count. If your site doesn’t contain something worth linking to and you chuck money or energy at a link building campaign then you’ll be mostly wasting that money and time.

So what can you do to make your site linkable? It’s kind of like the question that a lot of business startups need to ask themselves. What is my unique selling point, what makes me different and what makes me stand out enough that customers will beat a path to my door? What can you give people on your site that no-one else can?

To answer this you need to know your niche pretty well and then get inventive. If there are a hundred other sites selling exactly the same product as you, you need to visit each of them and identify something that your customer needs that none of your competitors are doing. That might be something like producing videos of how to use that product, really in-depth reviews, buyers guides, repair videos, a gallery of the product being used in unusual ways… It’s not for me to make the suggestion, it’s up to you to find something that makes your site stand out amongst all the others. Once you’ve got that unique idea, and you’ve implemented it, then we’ve got something to promote.

The more useful, funny or different your unique your idea is, then the easier it is to get links to your site. With a few reviews of a product you might be able to get a few sites to link to yours. With an all-singing, all-dancing, fireworks loaded, cabaret spectaular that people can relate to, really use, or email to their mates because it’s just too funny then you’ve got what is needed to start promoting your site.

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Kirk Paulhamus November 30, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Hi Dave, This has really given me food for thought. I have thought about useful and different, but never thought about adding humor to my sales page or even my spueeze page.
Thanks alot, I will keep reading your posts I find them very helpful.
Kirk Paulhamus

Dave December 1, 2012 at 11:11 am

Thanks Kirk. Funny can work on some sites and on others it’s entirely inappropriate. I guess you’ve just got to judge your audience and pitch appropriately.

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