Is Google moving blog and forum posts to Supplemental Results?

June 30, 2010

I run a holidays in England website. It’s been quite a successful site and gets lots of readers and hopefully helps people with information for their holidays. Aside from the hand edited directory and articles there is a blog and a forum. When Google updated to Big Daddy, the number of pages listed in Google tanked seriously down to just 74 pages. All of the blog pages and all of the forum pages with the exception of the blog home and forum home pages disappeared.

This week they are all back – as supplemental results.

Now I’m sure that everything I’ve written in the blog is original and of use to somebody, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it. Similarly the posts in the forum really help people with information they need for their holidays. So why are they supplemental? Could it be because no-one links to each of these pages. If this is the case, then a lot of pages across the internet that have valuable and unique content are going to be relegated to supplemental results because they don’t have inbound links.

So I’ve decided to try an experiment. Here is a link to a sitemap on another domain. In there I’m going to bookmark all of the missing pages from the blog but not the forum. In theory Google should then pick all the blog posts up again because someone is linking to each page (me). Also, if the blog posts get reindexed and the forum pages do not I’ll know I’m onto a winner.

Anyone else got any ideas how to get out the supplementals and back in the main index?

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