Guaranteed Inbound Links to your Website

June 29, 2010

So you’ve got a website selling your product or service. You’ve got a nice bio, some product pages and maybe a shopping basket bolted on. Your SEO guy is telling you that you need to get inbound links. The problem is that you don’t know anyone else with a website who would link to you and your SEO guy tells you that submitting to directories is a bigger waste of time now than it was before Big Daddy.

A couple of months goes by and you’ve had one sale through the site that you suspect might be your cousin’s pal. There are no inbound links are showing up anywhere. Why would they? No-one wants to give link-love to another back room operation – they’ve got no reason to unless the product you are selling is groundbreaking.

So how do you get guaranteed inbound links when this is your situation?
Write and distribute articles.

Get a notebook and come up with a dozen article ideas related in some way to the product or service you are selling. It should be a doddle. If you can’t think of something to say about your marketplace or product, you might be selling the wrong thing. Once you have your list of headings, pick the one you fancy and fill it out into an article 500-800 words long. The first one might take a while but with time and practise you’ll get faster and faster. Don’t write your article about the product you are selling, but on a subject in some way related to the product. If you sell make-up, don’t write about the product, but give advice on how to put on makeup or how to choose makeup to suit your skin tone.

Once you’ve got an article or two, go and register with or
Don’t worry about putting them on your own site, that’s not the point of the exercise. These two sites will allow you to place your article on them for free, then get it picked up by anyone who wants to use your article for their website or newsletter.

When you submit your article to these sites, the most important bit is the resource box. This is where you get to put a link to your website. Don’t just put your URL, instead create a proper text link with your top search term as the underlined text. You can experiment with this by linking to different pages within your site too with different underlined search terms as the link.

Once you’ve submitted your first one and it gets accepted, forget about it. Go and write another article.

What happens with your article is that at the very least you’ll get the first link from the article distribution site. More likely though a few other sites will pick up and run your article and link too. Google is likely to only recognise the first instance of your link, others will be counted as duplicate content and ignored. However that is one link more than you had before. MSN and Yahoo! should see all the instances of your article and it will help build your link popularity much faster with them.

All in all this is a very powerful way of letting people know about your sites and promoting yourself.

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