Using other Contextual Ads with Adsense

January 31, 2011

Nice to see that Google has lifted it’s restriction on publishers showing other contextual adverts on the same page as Adsense adverts. Their remaining restriction is that you try not to emulate Adense’s look and feel, though how they think they’ve got the monopoly on Link and Description I’m not to sure. Still, it opens it up for publishers to use more than one contextual ad provider on each page, thus spreading their income from each page to two or more sources.

I suspect this will encourage other ad providers to develop contextual ads where they haven’t already done so because publishers will be able to show both their primary Adsense contextual ads and contextual ads from other providers too. Most people will use Adsense firstly because it can be so damn profitable. One always suspects though that Google will not have been completely altruistic in lifting this restriction and that there is an as yet undisclosed purpose for it. Isn’t there always?

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