The year of Adsense

January 14, 2010

New year resolutions come and go, and I try never to make one after a few glasses of wine on hogmanay. Of course there are the usual ones like gotta lose a few pounds, gonna exercise more, gonna tidy my office and get rid of all the CD’s and manuals for software that only runs on windows 3.1.
Now that we’re two weeks into the year, I feel safe enough to proclaim that 2010 will be the year I really try to make a serious income from publishing online. Up to now I’ve dabbled with it and it’s brought a nice little bonus cheque each month. This year though I want to turn that into a large bonus every month. It’s possible too. I already have around 10 websites showing adsense. They are built and ticking over nicely. Some of the sites I run are blogs, some are standard information sites. All bring in a little income every month.
So how am I going to do this? Well according to those people who are making hundreds of dollars every day from adsense, the key is to build lots of content. Every page you write has the potential to bring in more visitors from search engines. More visitors mean more clicks, means more income. It’s that simple. Content brings visitors brings clicks. My aim for now is to add 10 pages per (working) day across my sites. That’s 200 new pages every month. It doesn’t sound hard, but if I do manage to keep it up, it should double my adsense income in just 6 months (based on the number of pages I have published across all my sites at present). If I manage to keep the pace up and stick to my 10 page/day goal, I will post my success here. If I don’t I’ll never mention it again, until next new year that is!

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