Adwords – do you use the content network?

December 12, 2009

I am a Google Adsense publisher. I show Adsense ad’s on a number of my websites and make a few bucks out of it every month. That makes me part of the Google Content Network
I am also an Adwords Advertiser occasionally.
So, as an advertiser, do I ever let my ad’s be shown on the content network? Not a chance.
Why not? There are far too many scraped sites and clone sites just existing to make a buck out of adsense and not existing to bring valuable content to the internet. Until Google has a human editor verify every site that displays adsense, then my adwords ads will stay on the search network only. I’m sick of doing google searches and finding results belonging to scraper sites and spam blogs with legitimate adwords adverts on them. If the people who placed those ad’s realized where they were being shown, do you think they’d be particularly happy about it. Just the association of seeing your ad on a crap site could be enough to deter a customer from buying from you. So come on Google, when are you going to start approving every site that shows Adsense and give your Adwords customers enough piece of mind to turn their content network ads back on?

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