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Slow Servers Make Joomla Seem Sluggish

I love Joomla and building sites in Joomla. It’s just all very straightforward once you get your head round it. Some days though like today when I am upgrading an old HTML site and have hundreds of pages to cut’n'paste over, Joomla always seems to run really slowly. By that I mean you finish editing or adding a page, hit save and you have to wait an extra few seconds before being returned to the parent screen, then another few seconds when you click to add another new item, rinse and repeat.
It really doesn’t matter when you are adding one page or two, but when you are adding a hundred or more in an afternoon, it starts to get to you.

The thing is, I don’t think it is Joomla that is being slow. I think it is server response. Sometimes Joomla just buzzes along with really quick page loads and other times it is agonising. It’s probably just too many people accessing the MySQL database on the shared server at the same time. Who knows?

What would be really nice and would speed things up considerably on this kind of job would be if you could import an old HTML site into Joomla automatically. Kind of like you do with an Offline Browser. It’s mile beyond anything I could program but I would snap up a component that was smart enough to import a site properly.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow things’ll be faster. Importing a gallery into RSGallery tomorrow.

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