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Is Google selling it’s searchers short by excluding content?

There are winners and losers in every Google update, and it must be said that Big Daddy on Google has been no different. I’ve had sites continue to do really well, and I’ve got one old site that’s down to just having the homepage listed. The final site that has been effected is my holidays in England website.

Now this site has been running happily for around 5 years, I think. It’s a hobby site. I add a bit every now and again, check the links occasionally and generally update it on a monthly basis (apart from a couple of sections which I’ll come to). It’s got good links to it and really decent traffic.

Since the last update though, almost all of the Scottish blog and Holiday England forum pages have disappeared. I can’t figure out why either. They’ve got good content which gets updated regularly, all of it unique and nothing spammy about them. Using a Google Sitemap and even contacting them through the Help us Improve link hasn’t done anything. I’ve read through Matt Cutts update post and I’m still bamboozled.

The thing is, the blog has some good info in it, definitely of value to travellers to England and the forum is starting to pick up with lots of good transport and travel info being doled out.

So, if Google is ignoring this info, are they really giving the best possible results to their users? Or are they finally groaning under the strain and need to pass some love over to MSN and Yahoo who do still index everything. There is no doubt that the Big Daddy update did remove a lot of spam from the results, but it also removed a lot of valuable info and by doing that Google in my estimation has finally started doing things wrong. I can no longer be convinced that when I search in Google that I’m going to see the full spectrum of results, including perhaps, the info I’m looking for. When more people realise this, I think MSN and Yahoo might just see a few more searches coming their way.

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