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Google Earth 4 Removes Free Measurements

I just upgraded to Google Earth 4 and found that the feature that I use most often - the measure path tool - is now no longer available to free users - if you want to use it you’ve got to subscribe to the $20 per year version. That’s a bit tight thinks I so I uninstall version 4 and go back to version 3.
Eventually when they force me to upgrade and stop me using the free tool on v3 I’ll just give up and pay my money to someone like memory map for the ability to measure distances on a map (at least I don’t have to pay them an annual fee). The Google product is incomplete and the satellite data for England is nowhere near good enough for me to pay money for (nor is it as good as Microsoft’s Live Local).
I sound like I’m on a Google bash today, I’m not really. I love Google, but just get frustrated at broken sites (as Google Base was last week) and incomplete products.

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