10 Ways To Get Visitors Without Google

March 13, 2013

If you’re just not getting enough visitors from Google, here’s a few other ways to get more people to your site. Most of these methods are part of a good SEO strategy anyway, so you’ll find that by implementing them you will probably do better in Google as a natural progression.

1. Bookmark your most interesting, outrageous or funny content in Stumbleupon. You can get literally thousands of visitors from doing this, however not many will go further than the landing page.

2. Build up a profile on Digg. Make contacts and digg plenty of their articles before dropping in one or two of your own pages and asking your contacts to digg it.

3. As 2 above except do it on Sphinn. Sphinn works mostly for marketing related content so if you’re selling vacuum cleaners you might struggle to get content up there.

4. Blog comments. Unless you are in the most obscure niche there is, you’ll probably be able to find loads of blogs related to your site. Get active in the comments section, give valuable quality feedback on posts and include your web address in the appropriate location, not in the comment itself.

5. Twitter. Setup your account and get active. Make sure you put your web address in your profile and consider making a custom background with your web address on it. Use the search function or a third party app such as Tweetdeck to find people to follow and interact with who might be interested in the content of your site. Get your blog to automatically update your twitter account via Twitterfeed.

6. Contact other sites and swap links with them.

7. Forums – while you can’t go spamming forums with your sales message you can take part as a real member in forums and many of them allow a signature link which is displayed after every post.

8. Pay-per-click. It’s an expensive way to get visitors but it does work. If you want to avoid Google’s Adwords, give Yahoo Search Marketing a whirl.

9. Email signatures/Email Newsletters. Including your web address in every email you send to anyone will get you a few visitors. Running an email newsletter with software like Aweber or ConstantContact will get you lots of return visitors.

10. Give away content. Contact other website owners and offer to do a guest post on their blog or give them a page of content for their site in return for attribution and a link back to your own site.

There are plenty more ways to get visitors from sources other than Google but these are a few to get started with.

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Princess May 15, 2013 at 5:05 am

this is great post. most of the traffic i got for my site is via google but this list you’ve got is a very good way of increasing traffic. thanks a lot!

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