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Why I find Actinic Odd

I don’t know how many other people are using Actinic to create websites but I do find the whole process kinda odd. I can create a site for a client and upload it to the server. I then need to export the Actinic file to the client so that they can download orders, and I can decide whether to let them to make design updates too.

The problem comes when they want me to make some updates to the site and they want to make other updates themselves. If this is the case, you’ve got to keep exporting the site and sending it to the client or vice versa after the update so that they don’t overwrite newer updates with old versions of pages.

Why it doesn’t all work of one central admin panel puzzles me. Perhaps it’s something to do with security, but in my mind it seems to be a very old fashioned way of running a site. You should be able to make an update to your site from pretty much any location and the system should look after files to ensure you can’t overwrite new files with old.

Anyone else have issues with this kind of thing?

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