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Is blogging better than Dreamweaver?

This is something that has been praying on my mind recently - is blogging better than using Dreamweaver to set up a website?
There are pro’s and con’s to both I guess:
Easy, rapid development of sites, templates, navigation.
Adding new info requires the content to be added then the relevant links to be added by hand before republishing the entire site.
A Dreamweaver license is costly
Takes a while to learn to use Dreamweaver

Blog Software:
Quick to set up
Slightly more tricky to alter templates than dreamweaver
Navigation to new items is added automatically
Everything is done remotely so you need to be connected to the internet for posting
Slightly tricker to backup
Often Free

All in all, I think blog software has the edge IF you are creating a site that works like a blog. As soon as you are creating a custom site with all the inherent design and functionality issues, I’d have to come down on the side of Dreamweaver. Me, I’ll continue to use both.

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