7 Blogs You Shouldn’t Start

October 8, 2012

In some markets there are way more than enough blogs on specific subjects. If you are thinking of starting another one, think again. If it’s in the list below, the market is either saturated, or it’s just a plain bad idea. Just because you could write it doesn’t mean you should. Or have really you got nothing else to write about?

1. Blogs about Making Money Blogging

Have you actually made any money with your blog, or are you hoping a blog about making money blogging will end up making you money? I personally find the subject interesting but it’s a saturated market and you’d have to be doing something really special to get seen here.
Already been covered by: Problogger

2. Blogs about SEO

Ahem. Sometimes wish I’d never started this one. SEO blogs are 10 a penny. Most have very few readers but SEO guys are always telling clients to get a blog, so we kinda should be doing it too.
Already covered by: SEO Book

3. Blogs about your pets

Even your mum wont read it. Honestly, I can’t believe how many blogs there are about cats out there. I have a cat, but that is the only mention you’ll ever read about it in any blog I write. ¬†There is an off-chance your blog might get read if you get yourself an exotic pet, like a polar bear, but otherwise forget it.
It’s already covered by: I can has cheezburger

4. News commentary

Oh, you are really wasting your life now. You just want to do this to let of steam don’t you? People want their news and commentary from reliable news sources, not from someone who’s been commenting on the news for 10 minutes.
It’s already been covered by: The BBC

5. Blogs about Search/Google

There are plenty of people ready to jump all over any search engine for anything they do, good or bad. Do you think Google cares? Are you gonna devote your free time to writing about what Yahoo just did?
Already covered by: Searchenginewatch

6. Blogs about Yourself

Are you a celebrity? Politician? No? Who’s gonna read it then? Your friends? That’s just gonna get awkward.
Who’s done it successfully:¬†Rosie O’Donnell

7. Blog About Your Kids

Don’t do this! Allow your kids to be brought up without every facet of their young lives being paraded on the interweb. This is a worse idea than your mum getting out your baby pictures when you brought home a date.
Who’s done it successfully: No-one!

I’m sure there are a ton of other blog ideas that are just plain bad. A way of wasting not just your time, but the time of anyone unlucky enough to stumble into it. If you can think of any others, please leave a comment. On the flip side there are plenty of great blog ideas out there and I’ll try and cover a few of them at a later date.

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