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Archive for July, 2010

SEO from the horses mouth

Monday, July 31st, 2010

Matt Cutts of Google has been experimenting with video, and perhaps in an effort to start at the beginning he has spent some time going over the basics of making a site that will do OK in Google and other search engines. All shot in a Q’n’A style session the message comes down to this:
1. […]

My Job Protects Me From Skin Cancer

Friday, July 28th, 2010

The past few weeks have seen some of the best summer weather in England for years. Soaring temperatures and cloudless skies have made it a great summer for all the kids on holiday. I however have been as busy as ever, at my desk, and having to force myself not to just go to the […]

Removing nofollow attribute on Wordpress comments

Monday, July 10th, 2010

My current bugbear is going to sites (web 2.0 sites especially) and registering, or adding a link or doing something else that gives that site more content then seeing that the link back to my site has had a nofollow tag put on it.
If you want someone to take time to use your site and […]