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Why don’t more businesses blog?

I’m continually amazed by businesses who are looking for advice but flat-out tell me they do not want a blog on their website. I can only think of three possible reasons for this:

1. They have absolutely nothing to blog about. No opinion on industry news, nothing to convey to customers and no interest in gaining new customers.
2. They don’t want to enter into online discussion with anyone (note, you don’t have to keep comments running on your blog)
3. Nobody in the organisation can write for toffee.

Addressing the first point – I don’t believe it. Everyone has something to blog about, even if they don’t know it yet. Keep a little notebook or the bottom line of your diary free and every time something happens during the day or you hear some news or have an opinion on something related to your business, make a quick note. Then think later if you could turn it into a couple of lines on your blog. If you manage to come up with something every day or two, congratulations you’ve just taken your first step to becoming the company blogger.

Online discussion is becoming a way to establish your credibility. Comments on your blog will be read by customers and more importantly potential customers. Your website can be all shiny and cool, but as a standalone entity it has no credibility. By entering into discussion on your blog you establish yourself with potential customers, demonstrate your knowledge and generally make people happier to use your product or service.

No-one can write? Come on. Someone there must be able to write a paragraph or two about something they feel passionate about. And if not, you could podcast or photoblog with a small comment about each piece. You don’t need to be Dickens to run a blog.

Blogs are cheap and easy to setup and integrate with your existing site and they empower you to keep your site up to date rather than having to pay your developer £50 per hour for updates. If you are sitting with the same static website you had 5 years ago and do nothing to keep your site up to date or give news to your customers then get a blog and get writing (or photographing or podcasting). It will revitalise your site.

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