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Froogle to promote your ecommerce shop

It amazes me that Froogle is still as small as it is in the UK. I know that it is probably growning exponentially but it still seems like no-one uses it.
Imagine a service that is FREE. A service that allows anyone selling pretty much anything online to advertise every single one of their products with a photograph. A service that brings potential customers to your website every day. A service that allows comparison shopping to bring the customer the best deal.
Well you don’t have to imagine. It is here and it is Froogle.
The thing is, I talk to web store owners regularly who have never even heard of Froogle, and at the very mention of setting up a feed for them they run a mile (and that’s before I mention that I would charge a fee if they wanted me to set it up!). It’s free, it’s busy, it increases your profile and it brings you new customers. Why don’t more people use it?

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