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SEO Lies and meta-tags

Todd at Stuntdubl has a funny post about the top 10 Ad Agency SEO lies. It’s a good post and I agree with it all, but maybe have a bit of an issue with suggesting you don’t need meta-tags (well, meta-description anyway).

From an SEO point of view, a meta-tag is not going to make a blind bit of difference to the way a page is ranked, but once a page is ranked and showing up the results, the meta-description tag can affect how the link to your site is displayed.
If your site shows up in Google for “cheap tents” and you don’t use the meta-description tag, the displayed link will have your title and then snippets from the page where the words “cheap tents” have been used. These snippets are never complete enough to really work out what a page is about.

If you do include the meta-description tag and the words “cheap tents” are there in the tag, Google will often show the page title then the meta-description. This makes the meta-description a marketing tool rather than an SEO tool, but write it well and it will drive more traffic to your site because it will stand out in the SERPS.

In addition to this, people who quietly set up a link to you from their own site without letting you know will often use your title and meta-description to describe your site, rather than making up their own text. It seems like a pretty minor thing, but that person might just have a busy site and a well worded link could drive extra traffic to your site.

The meta-description tag may be dead in terms of SEO, but in terms of online marketing it is still very much alive and kicking.

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