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Dumping big companies for bad SEO techniques

I had to laugh the other day when I heard that Google had deleted bwm.de from it’s index for cloaking pages. For years car manufacturers have been building graphically complex, content-crap websites and I’ve always dreaded one coming to me for SEO advice. Looks like BMW might have gone to the wrong place. Their SEO guys must have suggested creating these magic pages that search engines see but users don’t. It’s called cloaking and it’s been a black hat seo technique for years.
I’d like to thank Google for kicking them out. It’s hard enough for honest SEO’s to get decent listings with honest sites. Constantly fighting against black hat seo guys who use dodgy techniques is not fun. Maybe they’ll stop doing it now that their number’s up. Doubt it though. They can walk into a company, give the talk, create the crappy site and then disappear with the money. Several months later it gets spotted and the company loses it’s listings, and it’s credibility.
It’s a wake up call to check up on what your SEO company is doing. If they can’t explain it, or if they are a bit shifty about what they are doing, maybe it’s time to ask for a second opinion.

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