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Increasing conversion rates on your website

Todd at Stuntdubl has 21 tips for improved website credibility. Of course, they all sound like common sense to someone involved in internet marketing, but do we actually carry them all out on every site we consult on? My guess is no, I know I certainly don’t. Surely as consultants it’s not just our job to help get traffic to a website. With a few (or maybe 21) good tips we can help that website owner convert a lot more traffic and increase their credibility and ours.
Too many people in SEO think that the ball leaves their court when the users clicks through that Google link to the client site. That has got to be just the start of it. Just driving traffic to a site might be enough to keep your business relationship with that client sweet because they are making a few more sales, but what if you could then take those sales and triple them by helping the client gain more credibility with their website - then I think they might just be offering you share options in their burgeoning company!
If SEO stops when the potential customer clicks on the link, I believe we are doing our clients a dis-service. They’re not going to go and hire another consultant to fill the gap between where the SEO has stopped and the sale should have happened. They’re just going to think - this SEO stuff sucks, it’s overpriced and doesn’t deliver. However, if we go that step further and hold the client’s hand just a little more, we could all be wearing halos and sporting a list of very happy clients.

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