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del.icio.us good for inbound links ?

I’ve recently renewed my interest in del.icio.us - it seems so has everyone involved in the web. It’s a great idea, one which I may have dismissed in the past as something that would never work. In fact I remember telling everyone that no-one would ever want to share their bookmarks online but I have been proven wrong and I hold my hand up. Appears everyone wants to share their bookmarks online to tell everyone else what their favourite sites are.
The question is, but bookmarking all my favourite sites in del.icio.us, am I improving their rankings in other search engines? The whole question of inbound links from a popular site? It is possible. Say you are on the front page of del.icio.us at exactly the same time as the googlebot indexes it - does that mean your pagerank is going to shoot through the roof? Maybe not, but it must get noticed. Similarly, although I can’t see a simple way to navigate to every site that’s bookmarked in del.icio.us it is possible that by following rss feeds, or through their extreme ability to spot every navigational path in a site, search engines may just spot that link hiding deep within del.icio.us. If so, great - I’m off to bookmark every one of the sites I run, as i suspect, every other SEO guy in the world is doing.

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