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Franking Machines

It’s a crazy world. Despite being on the telephone preference service list to receive no sales calls, I regularly get calls badgering me to take some product or other. You know right from the start of the call that there is no way you’re going to buy the product, but you let them go on with their sales speel anyway.
The one I like best “Can I talk to the person who deals with your franking machine?” - er, yes, that would be me, except that I don’t have and I’m unlikely to ever need a franking machine. I’m a one-man business, of course it’s me. Honestly, at most I send out a few invoices each month. They continue undaunted by my lack of enthusiasm for becoming the owner of a post franking machine. Here’s the reasons I don’t need a franking machine:

- I only send a few letters each month. I’m an internet service supplier, I do as much by email as possible.
- Franking machines take up valuable surface space
- A book of stamps takes up no valuable surface space
- I work on my own. Going to the post office to buy stamps gets me out of the house and I actually get to talk to a real live human being to carry out the transaction - social contact, wow!
- I simply have no desire to own or rent a franking machine

So next time, if you’re looking at my website and decide to call me about a franking machine, you’ve now got a pretty good idea of how the call will end up.

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