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Blogging for a living

The number of stories you hear about people turning to blogging for a living is always on the up. First there was Jason Calacanis, then Darren Rowse - one of my favourite bloggers at problogger.net and today I was reading about Duncan Riley at Blog Herald going solo. In Duncan’s case it sounds like it was more through circumstances outside his control, but none-the-less, declaring your independence and becoming a problogger is a very brave and admirable thing.
I’d love to be able to go all out and site writing on my blogs all day long but I’m not quite there in my head yet. It’s a massive commitment, akin to publishing your own magazine every month, one magazine for each blog you keep. You have to do your own reasearch, your own customer service keeping advertisers happy, your own promotion, sales and reader liaison through your comments. On top of that you don’t even have an editor to tell you to get a grip if you’re writing crap that no-one wants to read.
No, it’s not for me just yet, but one day I hope…
So to all you probloggers out there, I salute you - and I hope you have a very successful 2010.

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