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Christmas Holidays ?

This time of year is one of the times I can get more work done than any other. The phone stops ringing and you can really get your head into planning and sorting out some of the jobs you’ve been wanting to do all year. Last Christmas I had just heard about Google Adsense and thought it was a great idea. Even went so far as coming up with a new site and building an associated shopping directory that now makes a few bucks with adsense. Of course that theme has been developed all year and now I consider myself to know a thing or two about that particular way of making money online. Not many things, just one or two.
I’m also hoping to go over my main internet consultancy website and update anything that has changed over the past year. Will probably do the same thing for my SEO friends at SEO Correct too. That’ll be a nice surprise for them in the new year, things have been getting a bit out of date on both sites recently.
I know that ideally I should be taking the entire time off and spending it with the family, but I do want to get some of these jobs out of the way because starting a new year with a clean slate is a refreshing thing too.
So what’s the big thing going to be for 2010?
In my opinion, personnal publishing is going to be massive. Obviously it already is with enthusiasts and others, but this year is going to be the year that businesses really start to take notice and get to grips with the power and simplicity of it. How will it help me ? Well, as a consultant, I can setup blogs, design blog interfaces, match blog interfaces to existing sites, integrate blogs with existing sites and promote blogs through submissions. I love blogs, I love the open nature of them, the simplicity of how they work and the freedom they give anyone who wants to publish information online. I want to position myself as someone who can help companies get into blogging and be successful with it. It maybe sounds like a tight niche, but it’s one I like.
2010 - the year of the blog…

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  1. vxx_fgh Says:

    nice blog

    There�s also more. We don�t just install a style and say, ahh, looks good, lets release it. We have a huge checklist of things to do with the new style (basically we have to try *every* operation you do on a normal board, replying, quoting, all the BBcode, splitting, moving, locking, admin pannel, etc).
    We also have to check for things such as reference to images outside of their own directory (quite a few styles forget to make


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