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Outsourced SEO and Web Design requests

Honestly, I take one of these calls per week.
“Mr Christie, have you considered outsourcing your web design/seo work to India.”
“No, I don’t outsource any work”
“Ah, would you consider it, it’ll make your projects really cheap”
“No, my clients are hiring my SEO skills, based on my record, not yours”
“Ah, OK bye.”
It’s the same every time. Plus you get time delay on the line, usually a crackly headset at the India end, and sometimes I can barely make out what the caller is saying because their English needs a little more practice. It doesn’t inspire confidence, so no, I DON’T OUTSOURCE SEO/DESIGN WORK TO INDIA.
The only caller I have any time for is Eddy at Flexiresources. He’s ultra polite, speaks fantastic English and always invites me to take a holiday in India. He’s also incredibly persistant. A gentleman and a scholar. However, despite all that, I STILL DON’T OUTSOURCE.
I wonder if Eddy will call again soon.

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